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“Matt is amazing!

He pays careful attention to our needs (and dreams) and makes it a reality. Matt does an excellent job of picking through the crazy housing market, taking care of his clients best interest. He really changed my opinion about buying a house: I thought that I could do a few web searches and find exactly what I wanted. I was quickly proven wrong when Matt helped us find and purchase our beautiful family home. Matt has an easy going, humorous personality that is a great fit for us. We will be seeing more of home when (if) we enter the market again. Matt is a great guy, and an awesome realtor!”


“Matt is a fantastic Realtor who takes the time to understand his clients’ needs and ensures that they are completely satisfied.

He made the process of purchasing our first house easy and stress-free, and we will definitely be calling on him again in the future. Highly recommended!”


“I first used Matt Gaglione's services in 2008, when looking for a new property.

Matt provided a comprehensive listing of the types of properties. While a great list, I happened to spot a property driving round the area that was listed for sale by owner. My wife and I thought that it would be perfect and so we bought that house instead of continuing to use Matt. He was very gracious though in congratulating us and said "he was happy that he contributed to finding the dream house that would suit us.” So not a problem that we were no longer purchasing through him, but perhaps to keep him in mind if we ever needed more Realtor services. The second time I used Matt's services was in the fall of 2009 to sell a rental property we owned. After drawing up a contract, and getting the place ready for sale, personal issues arose and suddenly was in the position of living there. I called up Matt and told him my situation. I wanted to cancel my contract. I offered to pay him for his services (so far) but he refused. Said "That is life, in the Realtor game that is how it sometimes worked'. So he tore up the contact. But did say "Perhaps to keep him in mind if I ever needed Realtor services." The third time I used Matt's services was in the spring of 2010. And that was to sell the place I originally purchased in 2008. This time I did use Matt's services fully. I was happy to use him from the past integrity. I followed Matt's approach for selling the place and also for a place to buy. We set up the house and the situation to maximize on my asking price. We sold the place within the week. Within a month, I was in the perfect place too. Matt helped me work through all the paperwork and steps and was available to give advice as needed. After the successful conclusion/celebration he left by saying that "He hoped I was fully satisfied with the services and perhaps to keep him in mind though if I ever needed further Realtor services." Luckily for me I have not had the need for 'further Realtor services' but two of my friends have. On both occasions I gave Matt's name and mentioned how he worked well for me. My colleagues/friends successfully sold their properties in a timely way too, at the asking price they wanted and with a quick turn around.”


“We made a great choice in real estate agents when we chose Matt Gaglione.

He was very professional and always "kept us in the loop". His consideration and courtesy helped us cope with the stresses that come with selling a house. Matt was a great communicator and always gave us notice when potential buyers were coming to inspect our property. His understanding of the real estate business allowed us to sell our house at a very satisfactory price during a tough market. We would highly recommend Matt to our friends and family as he is a great real estate agent.”

Leslie & Ryan

“Trust in Matt.

Matt came through when I needed him the most with the sale of my old condo and purchase of my new one. Also, when presented with a mile long wish list for the new property, Matt was able to fulfill the majority of the items. I have since recommended him to several of my friends who are now or will be in the process selling their properties.”


"We cannot begin to express how grateful we are for Matt's honest expertise and hard work ethic.

From the minute we expressed our vision for a new residence, he went over and above preparing an extensive showings list in a short period of time. Matt always made himself available whenever we required anything and his high commitment level is admirable. He is a terrific negotiator and we couldn't be more pleased with our real estate experience because of Matt. We will use Matt again and will continue trying to refer clients to Matt because he's a top notch realtor."

Andy and Kursten

“I just wanted to send this letter to thank you for all the time and effort you put into helping me find just the right home.

It was a very difficult time for buyers in the Real Estate market yet you managed to find me the perfect home for what I could afford.”


“Matt was wonderful to work with from beginning to end.

His excellent service, his real estate acumen and his thoroughness was just what I was looking for. Very impressive, always felt he was looking out for our best interests. He'll be first on my list to work with again. Highly recommend Matt.”


“Matt was very upfront and honest with us.

He patiently explained all the details every step of the way and took great care of us. And our house sold in less than a month! You won't find a better agent anywhere!”

Raylene and John

“I have known Matt personally for 18 years and have had the great pleasure of using him as my realtor for the past 5 years.

Matt has always demonstrated a high level of professionalism; he is trustworthy and dependable and I really appreciate his no-nonsense approach. I highly recommend Matt for any and all real estate needs. You can be sure he has your best interests at heart.”


"I have not once hesitated to refer Matt Gaglione to friends, colleagues or family.

He is a consummate professional, who places his client's best interests at the forefront and consistently provides reasoned and practical advice. His top priority is client service and this permeates everything he does."


“Matt is an exceptional realtor who takes the time to listen to his clients’ needs and then works to provide them with an exceptional experience throughout their purchase and sale transactions.

It is a pleasure to work with Matt in helping his clients receive the best legal service possible as he is always very well prepared, knowledgeable and personable.”

Baerach Anderson - Barrister & Solicitor at Prowse Chowne LLP

“I’ve worked with Matt on the purchase and sale of several properties, all of which have been great experiences with good outcomes.

He's also handled a number of my family's real estate deals which led to, again, exceptional results. Matt's expertise and up-front approach are complemented by his affable nature which makes it a pleasure to work with him”

Matt E

“Matt is a fantastic realtor and I would not hesitate to recommend him to my closest friends!

He's extremely knowledgeable and can be relied upon to give advice that is tailored to the client's needs. Matt guided me through my home buying experience from beginning to end and made the entire process seamless.”


“I have had the pleasure of working with Matt on more than one occasion, and would certainly recommend him without hesitation.

Matt's realistic and honest approach to dealing with his clients is refreshing and I always felt I had a good understanding of how things were progressing with my property, as well as the overall market.”


“My wife and I were fortunate enough to engage Matt's services both buying and selling our home.

He worked very hard for us and truly went above and beyond what is expected. He is incredibly professional and consistently provided sound advice based off of the market. Do not miss out -hire him, trust him, do what he says needs to be done and you will not be disappointed with the results- guaranteed.”

Joe and Erica

“Matt was very helpful in negotiating the purchase of our new house and the sale of our existing home.

His understanding of the market convinced us to list our house for more than we planned and it still sold above asking price in 1 day. We have worked with him for multiple transactions over the last 6 years and we have recommended him to our friends who have also had good experiences with his service.”

Calvin and Lindsay

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